ManufactPro is an integrated Documents, Materials, Parts and Quality Assurance software database focused on manufacturing of Medical Device products and compliance with GMPs and ISO standards. This system is designed for operations that have high levels of control and strict QA rules. We extend the product using open industry standards like: SQL, XML and the Quickbooks protocol.

Integration with Quickbooks using the FM Books Connector plugin. Most of our client run their business with the MFP and Quickbooks. Now you can move purchase orders and orders to Quickbooks and keep account numbers and suppliers in sync. For more information on the plugin: FM Books Connector

MFP10 |ManufactPro™

  • Documents linked to change orders, training and parts. Everything connected.
  • Parts linked to lots, pos, lhrs documents and qa events, Everything connected.
  • Barcodes everywhere
  • Electronic signatures are everywhere and by individual person or department or notify electronically without requiring a signature. Email to electronic approvers and nofiyiers
  • Meets 21CFRPart11 and GMP compliance regulations. Validation as part of purchase.
  • Easy to use ManufactPro interface--minimal training--minimal cost--as always
  • "Cradle to grave" lot tracking for parts and assemblies--where used--eDHR (electronic Device or Lot History Record)
  • Super-fast WAN access--no Citrix or Terminal Server required--support multiple worldwide sites
  • PDF Engine--print to PDF and need or cost for Adobe Acrobat